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Vanja Lukić
She works as a cleaner because she enjoys organizing and maintaining a clean and tidy space. She finds satisfaction in seeing the room's transformation before and after.
David Lukić
He works as a cleaner because he takes pride in his job and likes to see the positive impact it has on people's lives. He also likes physical activity and seeing the results of his hard work
Brankica Lončar
She works as a cleaner because it allows her to be independent and have a flexible schedule, which she appreciates as a single parent. She also enjoys the variety of tasks and environments she encounters at work.
Tamara Milić
She works in dry cleaning because she has a keen eye for detail and enjoys the process of revitalizing clothes. She finds it satisfying to see the transformation of clothes before and after.
Goran Stanković
He works in dry cleaning because he appreciates the importance of proper care and maintenance of clothes. He takes pride in providing high quality services to his clients.
Ljiljana Ristić
She works in dry cleaning because he enjoys the technical aspects of the job and the chemistry involved in the cleaning process. She also likes the service and customer interaction aspect.
Ana Petrović
She works as a pet sitter because she enjoys the companionship they provide. She appreciates the opportunity to make a positive impact on a pet's life.
Luka Đorđević
He works as a pet sitter because he likes the sense of responsibility and trust in caring for someone's beloved pet. He also finds joy in seeing the bond that forms between a pet and its owner.
Jana Janković
She works as a pet sitter because she likes physical activity in walking and playing with pets. She also appreciates the flexibility and independence of the job.
Ivana Pavlović
House staff
She works as a member of the household because she enjoys supporting working families and making their lives easier. She prides herself on making sure the household runs smoothly and efficiently.
Nenad Milošević
House staff
He works as a household member because he values the personal connections he creates with families. He loves the sense of community and belonging that comes with working closely with family.
Svetlana Radovanović
House staff
She works as an employee in the household because she likes the variety of tasks and responsibilities at work. She also appreciates the job security and stable income it provides her family.
Marko Đorđević
He works like a handyman because he enjoys solving problems and fixing things. He loves the challenge of finding creative solutions to various household problems.
Aleksandar Novaković
He works as a handyman because he has a talent for fixing and constructing things. He has extensive experience in craftsmanship and enjoys seeing the finished product.
Nikola Popović
He works like a craftsman because he enjoys the variety of tasks and environments he encounters at work. He gets a sense of satisfaction from fixing things and making them work again.
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The company and its contractors are insured by leading, well-known organizations responsible for their reputation. You and your property will be completely safe.
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Personal responsibility
Stručnjak je odgovoran
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In the event of force majeure, a regular contractor will leave you with no work done. The company will ensure the arrival of another contractor in this case
selection of the best
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„Uspeo sam da pronađem pouzdanog električara za kratko vreme zahvaljujući Toolly-u! Proces je bio tako lak, a osiguranje i korisnička podrška dali su mi mir.“

„Do sada sam nekoliko puta koristio Toolly za razne usluge i svaki put sam bio impresioniran kvalitetom izvođača i nivoom usluge koju sam dobio. Definitivno bih ga preporučio svima kojima su potrebni pouzdani izvođači.

„Nedavno sam se preselio u novi grad i nisam imao pojma gde da nađem pouzdane izvođače. Toolly je učinio proces tako lakim i bez stresa. Izvođači koji su bili pronađeni bili su vrhunski, a celokupno iskustvo je bilo besprekorno od početka do kraja. Toplo preporučujem Toolly svima kojima su potrebni kvalitetni izvođači.“

„Imao sam hitan slučaj u vodovodu i nisam znao gde da se obratim, ali je Toolly spasio stvar! Izvođač radova kojeg su poslali je bio obrazovan, efikasan i brzo je rešio problem. Nisam mogao da tražim bolju uslugu.“

„Kao izvođač radova, otkrio sam da je Toolly Pro neverovatno koristan alat za upravljanje mojim poslovanjem. Platforma je jednostavna za korišćenje i pomaže mi da ostanem organizovan i u kontaktu sa svojim klijentima. Toplo preporučujem!“

„U početku sam razmišljao da li da isprobam Toolly, ali mi je tako drago što jesam. Platforma je premašila moja očekivanja i pomogla mi je da pronađem savršenog izvođača za svoje potrebe. Definitivno ću je ponovo koristiti u budućnosti.“

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